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Get customized, actionable education from your lab test results, so you can ask the right questions, make informed decisions, and receive better care.

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Why LabSavvy?

(Advantages & Benefits)


LabSavvy empowers you with personalized, actionable education of your lab test results, so you can partner with a health care expert to improve your care.


With regularly-updated client data and lab results, you can make actionable decisions to help your clients meet their goals.

What You Get


Connect directly to labs and clinicians to get easy access to your results as soon as they become available.

Learn what your results mean for you, based on your sex, age, health factors, and customizable interests.

Build your own team of clinicians, fitness and nutrition experts, coaches and trainers.

Our proprietary charting system provides easy-to-understand history of your lab results.

We analyze your medical records, historical data, and profile to empower you with actionable insights.

We exceed HIPAA privacy and security protocols to ensure all personal medical information is protected.

The LabSavvy Wellness Journey

(How it works)

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Get Order

LabSavvy test packages are currently available through select strategic partners. Our partner will print your order requisition form at their location. Detailed info and instructions will also be sent to your email.

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Go to The Lab

Make a reservation and bring your printed order requisition to the nearest Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Center for fulfillment.

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Receive Results

Download the LabSavvy app onto your iPhone or Android mobile phone. Your results will arrive usually within 2 days of your lab visit.

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Personalized Education

The LabSavvy mobile app will provide you with Intelligent, personalized, and curated education, based on your age, sex, health factors, predictive analytics, and customizable interests.

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Your Wellness Team

Build your own team of clinicians, fitness and nutrition experts, coaches and trainers. You may also invite your own clinicians and health care professionals to collaborate with your team.

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Progress Tracking

Track your health progress over time. LabSavvy’s patent-pending tracking system imports and normalizes your results from multiple labs and our partner health programs.

Health + Wellness Professionals


Labsavvy is currently seeking strategic partners in the fields of fitness, nutrition, wellness, and concierge medicine. Improve client engagement, retention, and satisfaction by offering your clients customized lab test packages, and tracking delivered in a sleek digital health platform.

  • Todd Miller

    "Since partnering with LabSavvy we can finally provide our clients with a way to measure biomarkers in the blood that relate specifically to metabolic and nutritional status. ... The LabSavvy testing panel helps us to develop fat loss strategies that provide maximal results and are sustainable for a lifetime."Todd Miller PhD, Founder – The Miller Method


All educational content within our app is thoroughly researched, produced, reviewed, and approved by the LabSavvy Review Board™. Our board is made up of top Medical Laboratory Scientists, subject matter experts, and clinicians from around the country.