Directly Order & Track Biomarkers for Your Clients

Use the LabSavvy Provider Portal to manage and deliver lab test results with actionable education.

LabSavvy provides strategic partnerships in the nutrition, fitness, wellness, and medical fields. Improve client engagement, retention, and satisfaction by offering clients your own personalized lab test packages, and tracking their progress in a sleek digital health platform.

Lab tests ordered at regular intervals will also help provide an incentive for your client to stick to a program when they see they're going in the right direction. Assess, don’t guess!

Setup and  subscription fees waived for MedFit Network Members

  • Directly order lab test packages for your clients
  • Personalized lab test packages
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Integrate with third-party devices/applications such as FitBit, DEXA Scan, and InBody
  • Clients/patients access results via the LabSavvy Client App (iOS & Android)

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Dietitians & Nutritional

Ordering lab tests for your clients helps to provide a more personalized analysis while identifying the nutritional status and any possible deficiencies. For weight loss clients, regular testing can ensure weight loss is maintained in a healthy way.

Clinicians/Medical Professionals

Provide your patients with a better lab test experience; see results in a clear concise view while providing patients with education and actionable insights. This will eliminate time-consuming questions and answers. When needed, engage patients using our HIPAA compliant messaging system.

Fitness/Sports Groups

Use the LabSavvy Provider Portal to order lab test packages to track the progress of your clients' health and well-being. Numbers don’t lie, regular interval testing provides additional “measuring sticks” beyond just sets, reps, weight, and time on the treadmill.

MedFit Professionals

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As a partner, the LabSavvy Provider Portal can be used to create and manage clients, order lab tests, and then view the exact same results analysis, education, and actionable insights that the client sees on their LabSavvy Client App (iOS, Android). You will then be able to engage with your clients using our HIPAA compliant messaging system.

Having the ability to request, review and interpret labs in-between patient visits with their primary care physician has been extremely valuable in our ability to modify or progress our medical fitness program for a more precise plan of care. Ultimately, we feel that LabSavvy has provided us with an option to accelerate health outcomes and improve interdisciplinary care coordination among all providers.David Rachal III, HEALTH-E-FIT, 2019 MedFit Professional of the Year


Client Engagement

The LabSavvy Provider Portal will enable you to add your client's demographic information and photo, access their results, add private notes, send HIPAA compliant messages, and review easy to understand personalized education written by the LabSavvy Review Board.

Order Management

Order your own personalized lab test packages for your clients. You will also be able to view all of your orders and returned lab reports in a user-friendly interface. From there you will be able to access the same results, historical tracking, and personalized education that your client can view in their portal.

Client App (iOS & Android)

The LabSavvy Client App (iOS, Android) has been designed and developed to give your clients a superior lab test results experience. The elegant user-interface allows users to access their results, track their results progress using our patent-pending charting system, access their review board approved results education, read personalized and curated articles, and communicate with their providers using our HIPAA compliant messaging platform.