LabSavvy Alpha Project

What you need to know...

Thank you for signing up as a volunteer to participate in a focus group that will test and provide feedback on our new mobile app. Your feedback will help us help members in our community feel more empowered about their health and health care decisions, by giving them a mobile app experience that will make their lab test results more accessible and actionable.

What You Will Receive

  • You will receive a complimentary lab test administered at the site of a CLIA-certified clinical laboratory. The lab test will be based on board-approved preventive screening guidelines. The test will be ordered by a board-certified physician, whose office will be located in the same building as the lab site. There will be no cost to you for the lab test.
  • You will also receive complimentary access to an “alpha” (pre-commercial) version of LabSavvy’s mobile app. You will be able to use the app to monitor the status of your lab test, receive your lab test results electronically, and research health-related content to learn more about what your lab tests mean for you.

What You Will Not Receive

  • LabSavvy is not a healthcare provider. By volunteering to test our mobile app, you will not receive medical advice or diagnosis. You should only rely upon your healthcare providers for that information.

Expectations About Using the LabSavvy App and Providing Feedback

After the lab test, we ask that you use the LabSavvy app and provide us with timely and honest feedback about your experience. You will only receive your lab test results through the LabSavvy app. You have consented and agreed to these requirements:

  • I agree to provide timely and honest feedback on my experience with using the LabSavvy mobile app.
  • I also acknowledge that I am not currently developing, or obtaining information on behalf of any other company or persons that has plans to develop an application or services for the medical, health, wellness or lab testing industry.
  • I agree to keep my feedback to myself, and not display screenshots from the app or share feedback on social media.
  • I agree not to share the application with anyone else at this time without written consent from LabSavvy.
  • I understand that the application may not work as it’s supposed to, or may not work in ways that make sense to me. LabSavvy has provided the mobile app for my use is “as is” without any warranty. All terms & conditions associated with the service will apply.
  • I acknowledge receipt of free test screening. In exchange, I waive any and all claims in the intellectual property that may be embodied by the application in the future as a result of my feedback.